Electric Mountain Bike Reviews and Buying Guide 2021

For the best electric mountain bike, you will find all our detailed reviews and ranked according to expert judgment.


Buying an electric mountain bike is pleasant but also complex. We also have different expectations in choosing the best electric mountain bike, such as finding the most comfortable, lightest, most performing, and with longer battery life.

We sort the models according to the vote that expresses our opinion on the product. Denote that the rating on the price varies according to the current offer, so the ranking may also vary. For each model, you can read the full review or go to see the details of the Amazon offer.

In this article, we commit to creating excellent accurate reviews of the best electric MTB.



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Top 6 Best Electric Mountain Bike Updated 2021

Top 1: ANCHEER Blue Spark Electric Bike

ANCHEER Blue Spark Electric Bike

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ANCHEER Blue Spark is a pedal-assisted electric MTB with a powerful 36V – 6.6Ah lithium battery and a 240W brushless motor. It allows you to reach 25km/h and travel up to about 30/40 km with recharge for a complete cycle from 3 to 8 hours.

It features a sturdy aluminum frame that allows a maximum load of 120kg without reducing performance. The bike comes with an LCD with an indicator of remaining autonomy level, pedal help, distance traveled, and time of use.

There is an 18-speed Shimano gearbox and five-speed levels to choose from. Another feature that distinguishes it is the hidden battery that makes the bike more sporty and fashionable.

This detail is handy when you are downtown for a walk or use it to go to work. It also has five help modes. The walk function at 6 km/h is convenient for taking the bikes on foot effortlessly. This function is popular in historic centers and in pedestrian areas where cycling is not allowed.


  • 18-speed Shimano gearbox
  • Useful LCD for monitoring
  • Double disc brakes
  • Excellent safety


  • The non-removable battery allows charging only if you are close to the socket.


Top 2: Ahora AM100 Plus Electric Bike

Ahora AM100 Plus Electric Bike

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It is an electric pedal-assisted mountain bike that is popular because of the sporty style and accessories. The new Ahora AM100 Plus electric bike is one of the most efficient with an above-average price.

It has a rear suspension to the Exaform A5 model frame and a waterproof external control unit. These features make this bike the most innovative model. The KENDA wheels are wide and allow the bike to be agile even on the roughest roads.

Thanks to its 8FUN motor and 36v 10.4Ah Samsung battery, it allows you to drive sporty and perform up to 80 km, reaching a speed of 25 km/h. It has a large LCD that allows you to manage the major performances such as turning the e-bike on or off, the lights, and the selection of pedal help (5 levels).

The 7-speed Shimano gearbox and TEKTRO braking system make it safe even in difficult situations such as abrupt descents.


  • Argento pro pedal assisted
  • Aggressive and sporty style
  • The charging time is only 4 hours
  • 7-speed Shimano gearbox
  • Useful LCD


  • The weight of 55.5 pounds is not the best, especially if you use it without the battery.


Top 3: VIVI Folding Electric Bike

VIVI Folding Electric Bike

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The new electric pedal-assisted mountain bike Incontro assist is an excellent product for a young and sport-loving audience.

The powerful and reliable motor, which can be activated from the handlebar, has excellent performance. This figure makes it one of the most popular and is a fundamental element for choosing an electric bike. Here, even for just one ride, it could no longer do without it. And this model stands as one of the lightest electric mountain bikes in the world.

It has a speed of 25km/h and a range of 100km thanks to its powerful 36v 8.7 ah battery. The charging time is five hours. The pedal help is activated comfortably from a control on the handlebar.


  • Incontro assist pedal
  • 21-speed gearbox
  • The autonomy of 100 km
  • A complete charging cycle of about 5 hours.
  • Removable battery


  • There is no onboard system.


Top 4: ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike

ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike

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The ability to adapt to any terrain is the strong point of the ANCHEER bike. The LED display allows it to manage speed with just one finger.

ANCHEER electric MTB is the perfect solution for people looking for the ideal vehicle to move comfortably in urban areas. It is perfect for any type of surface, equipped with front and rear shock absorbers and a powerful electrical system.

The bike has an excellent quality of the materials used for its construction and the quality-price ratio. It recharges quickly and being foldable you can take it with you anywhere.


  • Presence of double disc brake
  • Double shock absorber
  • Removable battery
  • Excellent autonomy
  • Brushless motor


  • It suffers the climb when overloading


Top 5: ECOTRIC Electric Bicycle

ECOTRIC Electric Bicycle

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The new ECOTRIC electric mountain bike with 26-inch wheels has an excellent 500W brushless motor and 36 V – 12.5 Ah removable lithium-ion battery. It provides enough power for your daily journeys, both in the city and on trails.

The bike guarantees an autonomy of up to about 70 km. It is the fundamental difference that distinguishes it from the cheaper previous model with lower autonomy. It has adjustable speed and can reach 25 km/h. The handlebar and saddle are adjustable to make driving even more comfortable.

It has two driving modes: an e-bike (fully electric) and with pedal help. Its lithium-ion battery is removable so that we can also take it with you without fear of theft and recharge it wherever you want. There are excellent braking and lighting systems for safe driving on any occasion.


  • 85% pre-assembled
  • Aluminum alloy
  • Easy to handle
  • Smooth driving experience
  • Suitable for both inaccessible routes and city asphalt


  • Expensive


Top 6: DJ Mountain Electric Bicycle

DJ Mountain Electric Bicycle

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The DJ Mountain electric bike features a 5-speed electric mode and a 7-speed transmission system. By pressing the accelerator when the odometer displays 0 speed, you have pure electric mode operation. The higher the pressure, the faster the speed.

For electric assist mode, you need to pedal when the odometer displays 1-5 gears. The higher the gear number, it requires the less effort. It is an electric bike suitable for much terrain with a powerful engine (450Wh total).

It is perfect in the city and off-road circuits, equipped with high-level cycling components, such as the Shimano gearbox, KMC chain, and brakes disc Tektro.


  • Pre-assembled
  • Extremely light
  • Easy to handle
  • Suitable for any type of terrain
  • Equipped with all components for high-level cycling
  • Removable battery


  • Expensive


Why Should Buy Electric Mountain Bike

Apart from many reasons, there is a reason for protecting nature. It explains the mass phenomenon and a trend that in recent years has shown ever-higher interest rates.

Meanwhile, there is the environmental issue. It may seem strange. But in authentic life, the engine that is moving millions of people around the world on two wheels powered by pedals is a harm to the environment.

CO2 emissions in cities are one of the key factors of atmospheric pollution and respiratory diseases. Against this invisible enemy, the authorities are taking ever more restrictive measures that will become ever more rigorous.

The choice of riders was to move towards the most ecological means. But the bicycle alone was not enough. In large cities, urban mobility is not always compatible with the circulation of bicycles. For only a few cycle paths, the state of maintenance of the roads was not always optimal, leading to looking for something that was compatible with an environmental point of view but offered the possibility of having something more than just the power of their legs.

Because not everyone is a sprinter or climber, so not everyone wants to arrive physically tested at their workplace. It configures the electric bicycle as the ideal vehicle that can guarantee zero emissions and performance very close to those offered by a 50cc moped.


Who Should Buy Electric Mountain Bike

First, we need to clarify, especially if you are a novice, that e-bikes are not all the same and they do not follow the same rules in every country. In Italy and the European Community, those that reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h and a 250 W motor can circulate freely.

As soon as the cyclist acts on the pedals, the engine starts. The more intense the pedaling, the higher the speed. The help provided by the electric motor helps you to proceed, especially on steeper climbs or in the presence of strong headwinds.

Besides the benefits of an engine that helps you climb hills more easily and with less effort, there are many other benefits. For people who have had an injury or have limitations that do not allow you to make efforts on a bicycle, e-bikes allow you to continue pedaling rather than having to give up the pleasure of being on the saddle.

Electric bikes bridge the gap between trips short enough to walk or cycle and longer trips where a train or car may be needed. You can get to and from work faster on an e-bike and become a commuter, an opportunity to cultivate your sporting passion.

They can be a valid replacement for a second owned car with all the environmental and economic benefits that are easily understood.


Best Electric Mountain Bike FAQs

How long does the battery last in a wonderful quality electric mountain bike?

The engine is powered by an integrated battery, an element that has the power to affect the purchase price of electric MTB bicycles. A lithium battery can be durable and light, favoring continuous recharging, guaranteeing a good duration.

Do electric MTBs require more maintenance than traditional MTBs?

Certainly yes, if only because there is a battery that needs to be looked after and checked.

Besides routine maintenance of the chain, gearbox, brakes, and fork on pedal-assisted bicycles, it is necessary to pay more attention to the battery.

Is gear shifting important in e-bikes?

The change has its importance, but certainly not as it was on a traditional bike. Having the possibility to use assisted pedaling (uphill on difficult terrain), the gearbox loses some of its major function of facilitating pedaling for the cyclist.

That’s why some models have chosen to go for just 9 gears.


Final Words

Among the pedal-assisted electric mountain bikes, the best choice is the model from ANCHEER. ANCHEER Blue Spark, with 27.5-inch wheels, represents the MTB with the best value for money. What it offers is so much and the less appreciable sides can be easily overcome.

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