Best Cycling Socks Reviews 2021

One of the big enemies that we face when playing outdoor sports in the cold. The feet and hands are the parts of the body where we suffer the most, and cycling is no exception. Wind and speed can increase the feeling of cold. So, if we use windbreakers, gloves, leggings, or armbands, they help us protect our feet.

Without a doubt, good boots are key, but the sock is more crucial. The best cycling socks allow us to keep our feet warm during our cycling trip. So in winter, they should be part of our wardrobe.


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Top 6 Best Cycling Socks Reviews

Top 1: Swiftwick Cycling Crew Socks

Swiftwick introduces thick winter socks with 65% merino wool and density. They are tight clothing to protect the feet from the cold, although this composition does not contradict the ergonomic cut of the socks. Besides, it reinforces the heel for better durability of the sock. They line the insole with loop fabric.

They have 18 centimeters of length and the subjection in the central part that proporciona better stability. It is also vital to note that on the toe part the seams are flat to provide greater comfort. For the 65% wool, Swiftwick adds 15% elastane, 15% lycra, and 5% polyamide.


  • Suitable for the road and in MTB
  • Excellent quality/price ratio
  • High technical composition
  • 65% wool


  • Low visibility

Top 2: DANISH ENDURANCE Cycling Socks

DANISH ENDURANCE is one of our favorite bra

nds of cyclists. Among their thermal socks, we have the cycling ones. It comes with merino wool that gives us excellent protection during winter bike rides. The upper and lower insulation panels help maintain the temperature of the foot.

These are high socks that come with bio-amplification technology to prevent the cyclist from being subjected to friction, knicks, or vibrations. It also features thermocool technology and rod reinforcements at the toe and heel.

Overall, this model mixes polypropylene with high-quality wool and includes an insulating wool technology. It allows full perspiration while avoiding unpleasant odors.


  • Value for money
  • Thermal cooling
  • Biomagnification technologies
  • Merino wool


  • Low visibility

Top 3: Thirty48 Low Cycling Socks

The Thirty48 brand offers us the low model of thermal socks. It is ideal for outings of a few hours, although the characteristics of the models are only average. The combination of merino wool yarns and Thermolite allows us to get warmth to our feet when we cycle during the winter.

Their composition varies in different ways. If the Swiftwick socks had 65% wool, with Thirty48, merino wool only represents 26%. There are 27% polyamide and 27% Thermolite polyester.

This mixture of yarns gives us good perspiration that allows us to keep our feet dry until the end. The low models are black, but with details in red, yellow, and gray. The elastic fastening strap goes through the ankle and neckline of the arch.


  • Affordable price
  • Premium materials
  • High elasticity
  • Excellent perspiration


  • Thicker than other models

Top 4: Good Luck Socks

Good Luck Socks are extremely light socks, featuring 3D dot technology. Thanks to these 3D points, the cyclist has the best possible grip to prevent the foot from slipping. It is also against annoying friction and activates micro-circulation. Like most of the company’s products, they stimulate blood circulation and shock absorption.

Another advantage is the protection of the Achilles tendon thanks to the 3D spikes on the heel. The socks do not compress the ankle and relieve pressure. In ​​the plantar arch, the design comes as a pyramid, resulting in a much more ergonomic and efficient sock than the others. Moisture wicks away quickly, leaving the foot cool and dry at all times.


  • Antibacterial fabric
  • Wide variety of sizes and colors
  • Better circulation
  • Lightweight


  • Expensive

Top 5: LIN CoolMax Cycling Socks

The name reveals some characteristics of LIN CoolMax thermal socks. They are long socks up to the knees that are ideal for mountain biking. They have 26% wool, complemented by 28% polyamide, 26% acrylic, 16% elastane (lycra) and 4% polyamide (Tactel). It weighs up to 174 grams.

Comfort is ideal by the fundamental structure in light mesh, thermally insulated structure thanks to the padding in wool and lycra. We get the much-needed comfort and protection in the MTB without losing sensitivity in the feet and getting good ventilation. The padding also allows for anatomical support.

We have perfect protection of the toes thanks to the Tectel layer. It protects them from shocks and prevents wear. And under the fingers, there are ventilation areas. Finally, the elastic anti-twist fabric in the foot’s arch to strengthen grip stands out.


  • Competitive price
  • Special protection
  • Excellent grip
  • Perfect for mountain biking


  • Thick fabric

Top 6: Bestjybt Athletic Socks

Bestjybt offers this model ideal for cycling on the colder days of the year. Its key feature is the lightness of the Thermolite fibers that provide cyclists with comfort and warmth. It is ideal even when the socks are wet from perspiration or rainwater. It has reinforced the toe area for warmth and strength, and the same goes for the heel.

The middle zone is elastic. So, it adapts perfectly to the feet. The open structure lines on the top promote the evaporation of moisture. We cannot forget its flexible area on the ankle, avoiding the formation of folds where the sock is curved. There are several color models. They have 81% polyester, 11% polyamide, 5% elastane, and 3% polypropylene.


  • Pleasant to the touch
  • Wide variety of colors
  • Ideal price-performance ratio
  • Perfect for long legs or panties


  • Too thin

Why Should Buy Cycling Socks

The UCI (International Cyclist Union) has decided on a new rule that is original for this new cycling season. The marshals will now inspect the riders’ socks at each stage.

Cycling socks will now have to comply with new regulations that require them not to be too big. They should neither be below the malleolus, at the level of the ankle, nor be above half of the tibia.

This new rule is explained because the UCI does not want socks that are too high to offer riders a technological advantage. It would be likely to increase the physical performance of athletes.

It is not the first time that equipment has been banned by the UCI. We remember in particular the case of the aerodynamic speed gel that covered the legs of the Lotto-Soudal riders. Or the aero suits used by Team Sky.

Who Should Buy Cycling Socks

In winter, the primary aim will be to keep your feet warm because if you wear overshoes, the feeling of cold intensifies in the extremities after several hours of effort. Your socks will be wool (merino in this case) or synthetic material, but with fibers promoting thermal insulation. However, we must not neglect the support (at the level of the midfoot) and the reinforcements on the ends (heel and toe of the foot).

In summer, the goal is to keep your feet as cool as possible to avoid overheating. They will make the socks of synthetic material with fibers that promote moisture-wicking (Coolmax type) and limit odors. A support band at the level of the arch will also be present to support your foot during the effort.

Best Cycling Socks FAQs

High or low socks?

The bike sock is by default high with a rod that is positioned just below the calf muscle. The high road provides qualified support and plays a compression role. It also allows you to display the name of your sponsor or a pretty colorful pattern.

The low (or short) socks have the same properties as the top models, but they will stop just above the ankle. Their chief advantage of limiting the mark of the tan when settling on his beach towel in Rimini.

What are recovery socks?

There are also socks to aid recovery and circulation of blood after a heavy outing. They cover the entire calf and stimulate venous return. Recovery socks aim to limit post-exercise muscle stiffness. We can wear these socks at least two hours after your ride. For several years now, all major sportsmen have been using it and many brands have offered it.

I cannot stand for wearing long socks. What should I do?

Some runners cannot stand to run in long shorts, even when the temperatures are freezing in the spring races. There would be the use of this subterfuge to keep the lower leg and ankle a little warmer.

Conversely, in summer, it can lead to a ridiculous tan, maybe not for yourself who adore it, but for your friend who will go to the beach with you. They will have to endure the bewildered looks of this tan of completely crazy cyclists.

What should you know before buying thermal socks?

We must test several parameters before choosing one or the other model. The first is to differentiate road socks from mountain bike socks. Logically, each discipline has needs and specifications that are not so important in the other.

Another aspect to consider is the price and performance. Throughout the comparison, we saw some models are better suited for cyclists who go out in winter. Depending on your profile, you will use one or the other.

Final Words

Finally, wool is essential. The manufacturers should combine it with other materials to promote sweaty feet and ensure that it will always be dry, no matter how much sweat or water is in the water. The price depends on the components. As always, we have found the best cycling socks in 2021 for you. So, it is best to budget and within that limit choose a quality sock.

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