6 Best cycling jacket for cold weather 

Are you seeking a decent-quality jacket for winter biking? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. Today, we shall suggest to you how to get the best cycling jacket for cold weather. As you know, some of us used to give up biking due to the weather, which is not strange. Most of them have to face the harshest conditions unexpectedly during long-distance journeys. 

For that reason, investing in winter cycling is a must-do without a doubt. It’ll help keep you warm during the biking season, which is absolutely a must-do for every cyclist. So if you love to stay comfy on the road, then getting the right clothing options would be an essential thing to do. Not only the tourers but also racers and amateurs should do that.



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Top 6 best cycling jacket for cold weather 

Top 1: Castelli Men’s Alpha ROS Jacket

The Castelli Men’s Alpha ROS Jacket offers you a chance to train biking even in the freezing weather. With its breathable and water-resistant fabric, you can set your mind free to focus more on your cycling trip without getting soaked by the train. This is a kind of stretchy material with unique patterns for a good fit that allows you to move around comfortably. 

Aside from that, you will love the three pockets in the back of the jacket. They come with laser-cut drain holes and one little zip lying on the right-hand side. These are perfect to wear on the worst of the rainy days. Besides, the double-layer design offers a warm insulating layer that lies separate from the external layer. The outer layer avails the gold criteria GORE Windstopper for repelling water effectively. 


  • Water-resistant and windproof fabric
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Men and women options


  • Little zip secure pocket

Above all, one of the fascinating things about the Castelli Alpha Ros jacket is that it’s available for both men and women options. It’s also great to know that they’ve got the same degree of weather protection. If you’re looking for an all-in-one winter jacket, then Castelli Alpha Ros is a hard-to-beat one.

Top 2: ARSUXEO Winter Thermal Softshell Cycling Jacket

The jacket of ARSUXEO is specially made for the harshest weather conditions when protecting all cyclists on the road from snow, rain, winds, and low temperatures. We just can’t expect anything better than that. Its lightweight softshell combines well with the breathable membrane that is not only waterproof but also windproof to create the ultimate jacket for your winter cycling season. 

According to ARSUXEO, the jacket suits temperatures ranging from 25 to 46 degrees Fahrenheit. So it provides excellent performance in winter, making the best kit to bring along for your cycling trips. Besides, when biking in the dark or late in the evening, its reflective logo with stripes would keep you secure in quiet places. The jacket also helps lower the chances of bike collision in the night. 


  • Great fit and comfortable to wear
  • Good temperature regulation
  • Windproof exterior and waterproof second layer


  • A bit irritating neck protector

In short, ARSUXEO Winter Thermal jacket does a great job in temperature regulation. The collar seems kind of high, and its integrated neck protector can help stop any freezing condition. Along with that, we believe that you’ll love its ergonomic design, making the jacket extremely comfy to put on.

Top 3: Pearl Izumi Men’s Versa Quilted Hoodie 

Most Pearl Izumi products are designed to last a lifetime, so this Versa quilted hoodie is not an exception as well. We’re sure that the casual appearance of it would make you fall in love with the jacket at first sight. It’s an ideal mixture of casual and technical hoodies, allowing you to bike to dinner with your friends without getting sweaty on arrival. Try it on, and you’ll see how the jacket is a great companion to hang out with.

With the reflective features and extra insulation, the Pearl Izumi hoodie surely keeps you snug whenever you’re cycling. It keeps you warm and well-protected from the outer factors on the road, especially during the cold weather. Besides, its polyester fabric is promised to help the cyclists resist abrasions and unwanted scratches. The breathable characteristic of the material is also a bonus you can’t ignore.


  • Beautiful colors and high-quality material
  • Good lumbar pockets
  • Perfect long sleeves 


  • Small hand warmer pockets

Last but not least, the jacket’s reflective accents are the key to enhance the visibility of all cyclists in every low-light condition. Meanwhile, the hood helps cover your head in harsh weather conditions.

Top 4: ROCK BROS Winter Cycling Jacket for Men 

It doesn’t just look nice as a casual coat, but ROCK BROS Winter jacket also impresses most riders with its reflective material. It’s subtle enough to offer you a safer night of cycling. Also, it doesn’t matter how strong the wind is or how heavy the rain is; this cycling jacket can give the cyclists a fun and enjoyable ride. Apart from that, its fleece lining provides great insulation while its design boosts breathability. 

The jacket is quite easy to wear, but what we love the most about it would be the reflective stripes. These are designed to offer you better visibility when you have to ride at night. And like others, the jacket is waterproof and windproof at the same time through the three composite layers. 


  • Soft inner material
  • Ergonomic collar and sleeves
  • Good fit and warm


  • A bit small and tight to wear

Well, if you’re seeking a jacket having a nice and comfy fit, then look no further but ROCK BROS only. It’s made of a decent polyester to provide you with full protection against any harsh weather condition.

Top 5: INBIKE Winter Men’s Windproof Cycling Jacket

Getting made from a softshell material, the jacket features a good wind and water-resistant film. No doubt, the cycling jacket from INBIKE is a warm jacket you need to fight against the cold temperature even below zero. Come to get this packable waterproof softshell now to enjoy the unlimited motion and fantastic breathability. 


  • Soft and breathable fabric
  • Well-made for cold weather 
  • Water-resistant and windproof membrane
  • Large pockets for storing content


  • Front zip easily broke.

Last but not least, the fleece inner is pretty soft and can offer amazing insulation. The whole jacket finds no difficulty in dealing with many layers without causing the cyclist to feel constrictive. 

Top 6: Dinamik Men’s Thermal Winter Cycling Jacket

It seems that Dinamik puts their passion into every stitch of the jacket here to make sure that every cyclist can enjoy the highest comfort and efficiency. Thanks to its polar thermal fleece inner, you will feel warmer no matter how brutal the conditions become. Also, the jacket features one elastic waistband to ensure you enjoy the snug and good fit. The zipper takes responsibility for keeping your jacket in place.


  • Wind-blocking and water-resistant material
  • Good breathability 
  • Insulation from cold
  • Double sleeve design


  • High price 

Overall, the triple-layered texture of the jacket is a big bonus. It’s a windbreaker material and a waterproof piece of garment you can’t miss for your cycling trips. 

Why should you buy a cycling jacket for cold weather?

You can gain a lot of benefits from some of the best innovations with the fashionable style of the run and hike categories. Not only comfortable but these cycling jackets are also breathable to put on no matter if you’re on or off the road. They will help protect you from heavy rain and wind throughout your long rides.

You need to think about the duration of every ride you usually do to decide what types of jacket suit you the most. Try to pick out a close fit one so that your skin could have more room for other layers underneath. In other words, choosing a close fit ensures you to freely move around or twist your body without feeling tight. 

Who should buy a cycling jacket for cold weather?

From bicycle tourers, road racers to amateurs, buying a cycling jacket is a must-do to fight against the brutal weather conditions. Most of the road cyclists would prefer the form-fitting sleeves, while the bike commuters or urban riders love the jackets to be a bit looser. Above all, everyone likes to ride with a super lightweight and package jacket that can offer them enough warmth. 


What temperature is too cold to ride?

There’s no specific temperature that is too cold for you to cycle. You need to equip enough and suitable layering and gear when cycling through the coldest areas. 

What does a “hardshell cycling jacket” mean?

A hardshell cycling jacket means that its outer layer belongs to the winter clothes. It should be windproof, waterproof, and delicately breathable to wear. The primary aim of its construction is to cover your body from wind and rain. It acts as a shield.

What to look for in a cycling jacket?

It needs to be the external layer of a 3-layer system. Select the one featuring high-quality synthetics with the fleece inner if you want to keep warm in cold weather conditions.


Keeping yourself warm is the key to stay comfortable while you’re biking. So choose your favorite among our recommended cycling jackets above to enjoy excellent breathability and comfort in wet, dry, and changing conditions.

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