Best Chamois Cream in 2021: Reviews and Buying Guide

For longer days in the saddle, the best chamois cream can save your butt. There are plenty of embrocation creams to choose from though, so we put six to the test.

Are you a lover of long hikes? If so, you have probably come back with some irritations. Sometimes, it is the saddle sores that invade you, robbing you of your passion. How about if you learn you can remedy this affair? By adopting the best chamois cream, you can fully enjoy your distraction without accepting the pain that follows.

In this issue, we introduce you to the benefits of using a chamois cream. Also, you will find the instructions required for optimal use. Besides, we have identified a crucial problem in the market. It is about the difficulty buyers have in making the best choice. For this reason, after several tests, we offer you six best chamois cream among which you will find the one you are looking for.


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Top 6 Best Chamois Cream For Your Need

Top 1: Mad Alchemy Pro Plus Chamois Cream

Pro Plus is a product of the Mad Alchemy Chamois Cream Collection. The company is famous for its cycle-centric body care. With small batches to ensure the best quality, this cream is specially formulated to provide the highest level of protection against irritation. This product also offers high freshness. Besides, PRO+ offers luxurious comfort and is not sticky or gummy like most products on the market.

Mad Alchemy Pro Plus Chamois Cream is from vegetables and all-natural ingredients to provide superior protection against chafing and irritation. Essential oils, known for their antibacterial and antifungal uses, are also added to keep the skin smooth. It also prevents the growth of fungi and germs. These ingredients make the cream possible to maintain smoothness and tone the skin for greater comfort.

However, it should be avoided to misuse it at the risk of seeing his skin damaged rather than maintained. So, pay attention to follow the instructions for use provided by the manufacturer.


  • Cycle-centric body care
  • Highest level of protection
  • Luxurious comfort
  • Against chafing and irritation


  • Expensive

Top 2: ASSOS Chamois Cream

ASSOS Chamois cream increases your comfort during your outings and walks. It keeps the skin fresh and soft thanks to its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and fungicidal properties. It is a chamois cream that should be applied directly to the skin in areas of friction. You can apply a light amount on the chamois to restore its suppleness.

The ingredients used in the manufacture of ASSOS cream are synthetic beeswax, panthenol, and simethicone. Beeswax has anti-inflammatory properties that also come from the erotic and palmitic acids it contains.

Synthetic beeswax presents a contraindication for people who do not have total immunity. It could affect the health of this type of user negatively.


  • Increases your comfort
  • Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and fungicidal properties
  • Synthetic beeswax, panthenol, and simethicone
  • Soothing and restorative effects


  • Small volume

Top 3: Muc-Off Chamois Cream

Luxury Chamois Cream is a Muc-Off product intended to be applied to the skin or the seat cushion for comfort over long distances. We plan it for deep hydration of the skin and protection in all conditions. For antibacterial, oily, and moisturizing, it also reduces natural chills to ensure high sitting comfort thanks to its ingredients certified by AMA.

Muc-Off Luxury Chamois Cream is rich in provitamins, natural aloe vera, witch hazel, shea butter, and sunflower oil. These are ingredients selected to stop friction while caring for the skin in depth. This composition also allows it to provide the skin with excellent protection and a feeling of freshness. While the provitamins nourish the skin by providing it with all the nutrients, shea butter makes it softer.

Besides, Aloe Vera protects the skin from sunburns and burns. Better, this medicinal plant protects the skin and has strong regenerating power. This chamois cream is practical for soothing the skin while healing it from irritations caused by long rides on a bicycle. However, the cream has a very pronounced odor that is felt even after application.


  • Ultimate comfort
  • Deep hydration of the skin
  • Rich in provitamins and natural aloe vera
  • Excellent protection


  • Unpleasant odors

Top 4: UNDRBUDR Chamois Cream

UNDRBUDR is an Anti-Friction Chamois cream with the specialty is to reduce friction and cool the skin for a fresh and comfortable feeling. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, it also prevents inflammation and irritation when you make long journeys by bike, motorbike, and even in the car.

To warn the rider of saddle sores or inattention may take them away from the bike for days for medical care. The UNDRBUDR Chamois Cream is perfect for long rides. For viscous and antibacterial substances, it also provides a calming and refreshing effect to the skin and helps maintain its suppleness, elasticity, and freshness. The other great advantage of this product is that it is anti-fatigue. It prevents friction suffered by athletes, especially in hot weather. Besides, its rich composition only brings happiness and comfort to the skin for the long journey.

However, the low viscosity nature of this cream makes it ineffective on certain skin types. It therefore no longer acts after 5 minutes when the skin is too dry.


  • Reduce friction
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Prevents inflammation and irritation
  • Perfect for long rides


  • Ineffective on some skins

Top 5: Doc’s Natural Saddle Ointment

Doc’s Skin Care is a non-toxic lotion that is comfortable to wear and protects the skin from bacteria and fungi. It provides sufficient hydration to the skin and offers protection against irritation. Pantheon or provitamin B5 provides soothing and restorative effects. Simethicone is a synthetic molecule that gives the cream its smooth texture. This buff cream has everything you need to soothe your skin after long hours on the road.


  • Contains tea tree oil, aloe vera, and hazelnuts
  • Reduces bacterial and fungal overgrowth
  • protection against irritation


  • Expensive

Top 6: Gooch Guard Chamois Cream

Gooch Guard Chamois Cream is another favorite product. Developed by medical professionals and professional cyclists, they manufacture this cream to be free of artificial colorants and fragrances.

Gooch Guard Chamois Cream is also developed by medical professionals and professional cyclists. We love this version because they specifically make it for women, with aloe, tea tree oil, and lavender oil as the principal ingredients.


  • A well-balanced pH ideal for women to avoid irritation and rashes.
  • Alcohol-free, paraben-free, and gluten-free
  • Wash the clothes easily.


  • Some users say it needs reapplication more than other creams.

Why Should Buy Chamois Cream?

Even today, the cream is still very useful for the cyclist hiker. We know three major advantages:

Optimization of comfort: It is a severe ordeal that is more painful when the hike lasts for hours. Both new and experienced hikers pay the price. For this, the cream will be of great use to them. After its application, they will feel an unexpected freshness throughout the activity.

Preventing infections: While riding, the conditions in the rider’s groin area are the worst. It subjects this part to heat and friction and pressure. This set of things is unpleasant, especially for people who have fragile skin. The risk of infection is then very present.

It is to combat this that the application of chamois cream is important. These ingredients are expertly chosen to hydrate the skin and protect it from batteries.

Healing of saddle wounds: Among the discomforts friction and pressure can cause that when riding a bicycle or on horseback, there are saddle sores. Certainly, it would be ideal to prevent these injuries by applying the cream before they appear. However, when you neglect to use the solution and contract a wound, the cream may still be effective. Thanks to its antibacterial property, it prevents infection in the wound while healing it. Besides, they provide a certain softness which gives a good freshness to the sore area.

Who Should Buy Chamois Cream?

In the past, the cream-soaked chamois clothing gave it its original softness. Today, there is no need to resort to this process. Synthetic clothes do not need to be passed these creams.

From now on, they will have to be applied to the groin area so that the hiker will feel the best at his ease. The ideal would be to apply the cream before each part of driving. Spread it on sensitive areas, subjecting it to friction. You can still apply it all over your body. Since it cleans easily in the wash, it will not get you the slightest bit of trouble.

Best Chamois Cream FAQs

Chamois leather or modern insert?

There was a time when cycling shorts were made of real chamois leather. A very absorbent material, but upon washing the skin became stiff and uncomfortable, often taking very uncomfortable folds. Creams to soften the skin were almost mandatory if you did not want to come back with irritations in the crotch.

Some professional cyclists also used much cheaper creams, such as Nivea Baby. As effective as specific creams but much cheaper Fortunately, synthetic textiles have gradually come to replace real chamois. These synthetic inserts are at the same time comfortable, absorbent, and bacterial.

What is the opinion of professionals?

The major disadvantage of these creams is that they soften the epidermis that remains in a humid environment. This humid environment promotes the appearance of small pimples. Most of the professionals only use the cream for irritation. It is now rare with the progress made by modern inserts.

What are the principal ingredients in chamois cream?

While the major ingredients in chamois creams vary by brand, some ingredients that are good for the skin are more common, including Vera, Hazel, shea butter, coconut oil, sunflower oil, and vitamins.

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