Best Bike Sheds and Outdoor Bike Storage in 2021: Reviews and Buying Guide

As an additional storage space, the shed is a practical solution for better storage of bikes that are difficult to store. Here are the best bike sheds and outdoor bike storage.

The bike sheds and outdoor bike storage are the proper solutions for better storage of many bulky objects. Indeed, depending on the surface of your shed, you can store objects such as garden furniture, firewood, toys, gardening tools, and bikes.

The bicycle shed remains the ideal place to store this means of transport with ease. This kind of small house also has an important role in protecting this ecological and practical mode of transport. In the market, there is a wide range of products that make it difficult to buy. Here is a non-exhaustive list to facilitate your choice of best bike sheds and outdoor bike storage.


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Top 6 Best Bike Sheds and Outdoor Bike Storage

Top 1: Rubbermaid Storage Shed

If you are looking to buy a bicycle shelter to store unique items, we recommend the Rubbermaid model. It comes with polycarbonate that is resistant to high temperatures and extreme cold. Thus, there is no risk of this product deteriorating rapidly.

Besides, it benefits from protection against the destructive UV rays of the sun and keeps its beautiful colors as they are for years. You will not have to repaint it, punctually.

The roof of this item is translucent panels that ensure the passage of light inside. The exterior remains opaque so that you can have some privacy. It also has a non-slip floor and a durable aluminum frame. Therefore, this product is rust-resistant. You can house your bike and various garden tools there.


  • Modern design
  • Translucent roof
  • Resistant and durable
  • Good ventilation 


  • Does not allow an optimal arrangement

Top 2: ShelterLogic Storage Shed

Have you ever wondered which is the best bike shelter? If so, maybe you could set your sights on this folding model. Indeed, unlike other items, this product conveniently stands as a camping tent. It incorporates an epoxy steel structure of foolproof strength. Because of this feature, you will not have to worry about it, moving an inch once installed.

It also offers an adapted space to store a bicycle, a scooter, and some garden equipment. Its 3.35 square-meter will allow you to classify your goods in order and find them easily. The interior has a white color that illuminates it, even if you do not resort to a lamp when the canvas is open.

As for the reverse, it comes in dark green and blends into a green landscape or on a lawn. Note that the door has a zipper system and can be folded up if you make many round trips.


  • Easy assembly and arrangement
  • Resistant structure
  • Rigid canvas
  • Spacious and lightweight


  • Not completely waterproof

Top 3: 2x4basics 90192MI Custom Shed

This shelter will not leave you indifferent. It comes with natural materials that are suitable for many works. It will provide excellent protection to your property. You can place different garden equipment or various tools and your bike.

Wood remains a privileged element in the construction of small cabins like this one because of its resistance and solidity. You will not risk seeing it deteriorate after a few years. This product has well-made doors. It locks them with a key so that your accessories remain secure from those around you or thieves.

Besides, they incorporate plexiglass windows that let sunlight through so that mold does not settle there. The wood gives a pleasant aesthetic side to your garden.  


  • Resistant materials
  • Quality doors
  • Good light
  • Design element


  • Poor performance roof

Top 4: Rubbermaid Horizontal Storage Shed

Rubbermaid offers you this bicycle shelter made with quality materials. It gives a pleasant aesthetic appearance and excellent durability. The doors that make up this shed are lockable to ensure the safety of your belongings. You can put in various garden equipment such as a lawnmower or scarifier.

Note also that the wood that makes up it seems adapted to face various foul weather. It does not fear the high heat or the cold of winter. The roof of this durable cardboard item will not sag under heavy rains or even hail. With this ecological product, you will have a functional and easy-to-assemble shelter.


  • Ecological materials
  • An appreciable aesthetic result.
  • Solid and durable
  • Resistant roof


  • Restricted dimensions

Top 5: Suncast BMS4900 Storage Shed

This model will suit you if you have ever wondered how to choose the best bicycle shelters for 2021? Made with galvanized steel, it has an anti-corrosion property. As a result, it will last at least a few years of use to protect your DIY materials.

The roof with two sides promotes the evacuation of rainwater. Besides, its brown paint makes this shelter a magnificent garden shed. Its two sliding doors facilitate access to the interior, even if you are dragging your two-wheeler.

This model is conveniently attached and has a double ventilation system at the back and front. Thanks to this feature, you do not risk that it condenses. Note that it appears in our comparison of the most popular articles of the moment.


  • Easy assembly
  • Functional design
  • Anti Corrosion material


  • No integrated floor

Top 6: KETER Manor Storage Shed

This garden shed will be suitable for you if you are looking for a very simple corner to keep your tools. It has solid pine that gives it incredible strength. You can use it in the long term without risking deteriorating it quickly. Its flat roof made of bitumen breaks records to be waterproof. Therefore, your arsenal will be well protected from moisture.

Inside, you will have two shelves where you can put various small gardening materials. You can place a shovel, a pair of boots, and other accessories. Four locations will accommodate your various items. Note that the storage space is not large enough to put an electric mower, for example.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy storage
  • Resistant furniture
  • Asphalt roof


  • Reduced size

Why Should Buy Bike Sheds and Outdoor Bike Storage

If people have a safe place to store their bikes, they are more likely to cycle to different places. Secure bicycle shelters, especially in public places and workplaces, ensure that people do not have to worry about their bikes being stolen while they are away. It will encourage the use of bicycles. Without a safe place to store them, bikes are much more likely to be stolen or damaged.

Who Should Buy Bike Sheds and Outdoor Bike Storage

The bike shelter is a great way to preserve the condition of your bike and deter criminals. Depending on your specific needs, one hangar may be better for you than another.

These are lightweight, portable shelters that keep rain, wind, and the elements out of your bike. They are relatively inexpensive. Shelters are plastic. They are ideal because they protect your bike from thieves, the elements, and potential damage. Most sheds can lock securely and hold two or three bikes.

They look like indoor tents and allow you to store your bike in a position that is easy to grab and use. Usually, you can attach them to the ground, building, cement, or something else, then you can store your bike.

A bicycle shelter or a storage room does not have to be too expensive. There are many options on the market to help you choose an affordable storage space that meets your needs. So, you can choose one that looks good, will be used correctly, and is within your budget.

Best Bike Sheds And Outdoor Bike Storage FAQs

How to make a bicycle shelter?

Before you even get into construction, have a well-defined plan. It saves you time. In the latter, it should appear the exact shapes and measurements of your shed. It will also guide you in carrying out the work. If you have no ideas, you can download usable sketches from the Internet.

How to build a pallet bicycle shelter?

To achieve this, arrange your pallets on the ground to create a floor below. Make sure they are stable to accommodate the rest of the structure. Then, with other elements, carry out the installation on the wall to have a wall. Be sure to line them up for good shape and aesthetics. Also, you can add wooden posts on some parts to solidify the whole.

Then, secure the assembly with screws and a drill driver. Ideally, you would use stainless tools to prevent corrosion from deteriorating them once you have assembled the underside and the pallet facades, you can move on to the next step.

To make the top, lay the purlins as a structure to accommodate the roof. Try to put a certain incline for the water discharge. Then, place the battens before placing the flex, the tiles, or the bitumen sheets to finish the work.

Where to buy a new bicycle shelter?

You can find a suitable model at a specialty store. Either way, remember that the design of your shed matters. So choose an item that you like visually. There are various products in various shapes and colors to enhance the beauty of your garden.

In the same vein, also consider ventilation. Your future acquisition should allow air circulation and light. It will prevent mold from forming inside to keep your equipment in excellent condition.

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