A Beginner’s Guide to Cycling with Kids

This writing would provide a detailed beginner’s guide to cycling with kids.

As having indoor time with your kids for a while already, it would be nice that you can spend some time with your kids outdoors by cycling. Furthermore, it could be even more ideal if your whole family can have quality time to get together with your kids for a healthy and fun exercise.

However, what to prepare before cycling with kids is when cycling with kids is the key to remember. This writing will provide you with a more detailed guide about all you need to know to go cycling with your little ones for the first time.


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Make sure to know some necessary maintenance skills.

First, when you decide to go with your kids, make sure that you know some necessary maintenance skills for repairing the bikes just in case a puncture happens in the middle of the road.

While going on the bike, it is highly recommended that you know how to adjust saddle height and brake on the go so that you can go along with your kid and fix your kid’s bike in the right order to ensure comfort for your kid to go on a ride.

Kickstand: If your kid goes on the regular bike, a critical note is to make sure the kickstand will work well before your kid is going to keep the bike stand when they want to take a rest.

Pannier: As you might be going on your bike, there must be a few stuff to carry along with you like water, snacks, fruits, or clothing for your kids just in case, a pannier stuck with your bike will be ideal for a ride with you and your kids.

Make sure the right cycling kit for your kids.

the right cycling kit for your kids
Guide to cycling with kids

Another essential tip for riding with your kids is to prepare the right kit for them, which includes kids’ helmet and comfortable cycling clothing.

Kids’ Helmet: Both adults and kids must wear a helmet when cycling to ensure safety along the ride. When choosing a helmet for your kid, make sure to choose one that stays snugly on your child’s head to make sure it is safe and in good fit while riding.

Cycling clothing: Let’s make sure the comfort of clothes that your kids will be wearing. It is highly recommended that you should watch out for the weather forecast so you can have good winter, summer, or possible rainy clothes suitable for the weather for your kid to ride. It would be ideal for riding in ideal weather.

Choose the right bike for your kid.

While there is no specific age limit for your kid to ride, as a parent, you need to know which type of bike fits your kid the most. He/she should choose the bike which is suitably fit, making him/her comfortable to ride on.

More importantly, depending on the kids’ cycling skills with maturity and awareness of possible difficulties to ride on the street, parents can make sensible decisions to consider a bike trailer, balance bike, or regular bike for kids.

Bike trailer: If your kids are not ready for outdoor cycling, a bike trailer would be nice to carry your kid in the cage, which is fixed on the back of your bike.

Balance bike: After a bike trailer, you can think of a balanced bike suitable for kids without much complexity of pedals and gears. However, please bear in mind that kids might quickly get tired as they can not go on the ground with a balance bike for a long time.

Communication during the ride

If your kid goes cycling on a typical kid’s bike, you should be the follower after your kid tells them to give clear signals when turning right or left. Of course, it is also recommended that you need to tell your kids some basic traffic rules in advance so they can pay full attention while riding and watch out for other commuters.

Choose a familiar and comfortable route.

a familiar and comfortable route
A familiar and comfortable route

As important as the earlier tips, choosing a familiar route would help you to avoid the loss and the rough road during the ride. The kids must go on an easy road that you already know and make the ride more fun and exciting for all members.

As you may not know, there might be a risk of puncture, possibly in the middle of the ride if the road is rough and not easy to ride on. Knowing some essential maintenance skills is also essential to fix possible breakdowns for your kids’ bikes if you can not find any nearby bike repair shops.

Plan an ice cream or a picnic stop

As your partner and the little one must be hungry or thirsty during or after the ride, you can plan to have a stop at an ice cream shop to take a rest and recharge for the next ride.

Otherwise, you can also figure out a few possible stops in the middle of the ride to have a picnic with your family. You can bring with you water, some snacks, possibly fresh fruits to fuel your kids. You can put these things in the pannier to carry and use up along the ride.

happy family with bikes
Happy  family riding bikes in the beautiful morning at the beach

Final thoughts about Guide to Cycling with Kids

To sum up, cycling is a fun and healthy outdoor activity for your family to have quality time together. Still, there are many things to consider to bring your kids to go cycling, but there will be six main tips.

First, you will need to make sure of some necessary maintenance skills, choose the right cycling kit for your kid, communicate with your kid to give clear signals when changing direction.

Second, you will have to choose the right bike for your little one, go on a familiar and comfortable cycling route, and finally plan an ice cream shop or bring some water and snacks for your kid on the ride as your kids may be tired then as a small note for your first time to go with your kids on the bike.

Reaching the end of this note, hopefully, you have some ideas of how to make the first ride with your kids a more fun and exciting experience. Please tell us more about what else if you want to contribute to this note.

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