6 Best Gravel Bike Tires 2021

Are you searching for the most functional upgrade on the bike? Let’s find a tire that fits you the best, and where you’re supposed to use it. Today, we introduce the best gravel bike tires to you, and you can have secure contact with the ground. With an abundance of terrains, you must roll on during the ride, having good tires is necessary. 

The rider can find a great balance between rolling resistance, grip, and puncture protection with these tires. Let’s hunt down the best gravel tires for the enjoyment of your ride. The choices range from slick types to chunky tires that can help the riders go through the tough mud and sand. Come to target at your favorites for the ultimate performance on a variety of terrain.


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Top 6 best gravel bike tires 

Top 1: Hutchinson Sector 700c Tubeless Tire

Whenever you want to gain power through terrains that might test your handling and strength, then Hutchinson Sector  700c Tubeless Tire can do that for you. This dual-compound tire keeps you rolling fast and with more control over the rough surfaces. The Sector is undoubtedly a comfortable alternative for any mixed surface where you might not need any aggressive tread of a gravel tire.

Hutchinson Sector tire gets designed to be tough enough, but it’s quite lightweight and fast on different surfaces. Its rubber features a solid tread to enable lower rolling resistance and better grip. Aside from that, you’ll notice a thin layer lying under the core tread. Doing so will help decrease the chance of cuts. And what makes us impressed about it would be how the Sector indeed dominates all long-distance rides and dirt-road stretches.


  • Tough on gravel and cobbles
  • Softer rubber material
  • Wet-weather grip
  • Fast and smooth


  • Not so brilliant for commuting

It’s hard to find such excellent road tires that can mount up with ease. Furthermore, they find no difficulty in serving for all-road use and always stay true to size. Trust it or not, after a few months of using them, you can tell that the Sector is as good as expected. Differing from other road tires, the rubber, and 127TPI casing handle any grippy ride quite well.

Top 2: Maxxis Rambler TR Tire 

Any cycling team would be pleased with this tire, especially when it easily does a lot of gravel racing. Everything is amazing as it comes to the grip, puncture resistance, mounting ability, calm ride, and speed. Since getting dedicated to gravel riding, the Maxxis Rambler TR tire delivers a brilliant ride and flat protection. Besides, its tread pattern makes you feel slightly slow on the pavement. 

And guess what? It does a fantastic job of reducing rolling resistance. In other words, you will gain a comfy ride with a TR tire that is just perfect for sightseeing. Well, Rambler is the best choice to make for solid gravel roads, and lightweight enough to shine on any hilly route. They feel amazing on the dirt, which is all thanks to the quick-rolling knobs and smooth transition across the body.


  • Provides a flat protection
  • Lightweight design 
  • Fitting smooth dirt and gravel roads
  • Works well on hilly routes


  • Not suitable to riding on mud

In sum, the Maxxis Rambler is one of the most functional tires on smoother dirt and gravel roads. Besides, the low-profile blocks are claimed to keep the bikes rolling fast with larger shoulder knobs. You will love this tire for real!

Top 3: Terreno Dry G2.0

The tread design of Terreno Dry G2.0 is another bonus you can’t ignore. Its high thickness combining with the puncture resistance score surely offers great puncture resistance. And the shortage of knobbles also means that the rider might get restricted to stony roads. Once getting pumped up, they’re excellent for road use and as good as a commuter tire. 

By looking into the central section, you can tell that the hexagonal tread pattern can provide a bit of extra grip when cornering. Once riding on them, you’ll see how lightweight they are. Better than that, they won’t ever shred even when you hit them against the rocks repeatedly. Besides, the Terreno Dry tires own shoulder knobs gripping into the dust to increase the braking action.


  • Fast-rolling tires
  • Works well on the tarmac
  • Extra cornering grip
  • Great puncture resistance


  • The ineffective tread pattern on a muddy gravel track

Besides, a nylon-composed 120 TPI casing appears very strong. The rubber tread of the tires displays no cuts at all, so you no longer suffer any puncture through the testing period. Terreno Dry makes an awesome choice for commuting. 

Top 4: Kenda, Flintridge Pro, Tire, 700x35C, Tubeless Ready

As it comes to the central tread, it allows for low-resistance rolling over rougher surfaces. Meanwhile, its unique pattern enables a strong grip on the slippery terrain. Well, you’re wondering whether Kenda Pro is an affordable priced tubeless tire that can withstand any harsh conditions or not, then we would say “yes”. We recommend these tires to you when having to ride in dry and sandy conditions. 


  • Fast-rolling tires
  • Have good width
  • Great flat protection
  • Easy setup.


  • Not the most lightweight design

In sum, Kenda Flintridge Pro can help balance out your speed, and offer fine puncture protection on different road conditions. 

Top 5: WTB Resolute 700 x 42 TCS Light Fast Rolling Tire – Tanwall

The tubeless tire system gets made to satisfy the international ETRTO criteria and guarantees high reliability. Apart from that, the Resolute is a worth-to-buy all-condition tire with a strong grip on a variety of terrains. The tire also does an amazing job of balancing out the ride with high durability.


  • Good grip and amazing ride
  • Great durability
  • All-weather gravel tire
  • Faster on the road


  • Limited use in some frames

Except for the central knobs, the WTB Resolute’s blocks own plenty of space between them. Thanks to that, the tire finds no difficulty in taking away mud, sand, and grass. 

Top 6: Challenge Gravel Grinder TLR Tire

Challenge is a famous brand among the cyclocross industry specialized in providing casings and treads to deal with different conditions. The tires deliver a smoother and fresh sensation when you’re riding on most surfaces. Better than thought, the tires make you ride faster than expected thanks to the minimal tread pattern. 


  • Fast-rolling and smooth on tarmac
  • Easily mounted and lightweight 
  • Side knobs add extra confidence
  • Good traction on rough conditions. 


  • Lose traction on steep terrains

The TLR tire is also a high-volume tire for what you can describe as flawless gravel conditions. For the width, it works perfectly for comfort, toughness, and durability. Aside from that, the gravel is smooth, so these tires can roll fast and deal with everything amazingly.

Why should you buy gravel bike tires?

What if you’ve got a bike that appears a bit rough for smooth streets in the city? Don’t worry since you’ve got the gravel bike tires that deliver the best compromise between the trail and tires. 

If you want to ride over the sidewalks and trails, then investing in a good pair of gravel tires would be the best thing to do. Their enhanced traction is adequate to make them a worthy investment for any rider.

Who should buy gravel bike tires?

Most cyclists love the sense of curiosity as it comes to the road ride reaching the turnaround point. Having the best gravel bike tires allows the riders to conquer any type of road. If you must cope with high-frequency terrain, roots, and rocks, then don’t miss investing in a pair of gravel bike tires. Most gravel bikes have a stretched frame for high stability on loose surfaces. 

Best gravel bike tires FAQs

  • How long do the gravel bike tires last?

Costly tires usually last 2,500 miles at least. For racing bike tires that are exclusively made for speed and superior performance, they probably need replacement after 1,000 miles. A good-quality bike tire can last 4000 miles. 

  • Can I put road tires on my gravel bike?

There’s nothing wrong with placing road tires on the gravel bike. Sure enough, you would ride faster on a road bike than a gravel bike due to the weight. However, it doesn’t mean that you keep using road tires on a gravel bike. 

  • How to ride a gravel bike?

Several gravel riders feel nervous once cornering on loose gravel. Let’s begin by lowering the center of gravity. Maintain the chest low while dropping both heels. To stay away from the slips, try to work out the disc brakes before hitting the trails.


The moment you move from tarmac to trails, you will see the big difference at once. It requires a combination of braking, climbing, braking, and cornering grip. But when you start searching for the best gravel bike tires, there would be several options for you to take. Now you can read on our guide above to gain your favorites. They help you find the proper balance between grip, rolling resistance, and puncture protection.

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