6 Best BMX Shoes 2021 You Should Know

BMX quickly becomes one of the most popular forms of biking in skateparks everywhere. To get the best of it, you need to gain the best BMX shoes while working on your technique. As you know, selecting suitable footwear guarantees the ultimate pedal feel. So today, we put together the top new shoes on the market in one list below for a good mountain biking experience. 

Let’s pick out your favorite among them to boost the real contact between you and the bike. Believe it or not, having good-quality BMX shoes would make your feet comfy for riding all day long. They can increase the rider’s self-confidence and ensure your performance is unmatchable. Let them enhance your energy for longer while you’re trying new stunts. 


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Top 6 best BMX shoes 

Top 1: Vans Unisex Old Skool Classic Skate Shoes 

The classic Vans Unisex version is superb footwear for its price. More than that, they’re well-known for being durable and unique in design. So if you’re searching for a pair of skate shoes looking stylish and more comfort-focused, then the Vans here is the right type to choose. With the delicate combination of dual colors, the youngsters would love to own a pair for extra flair. 

Sure enough, the shoes have more than that when featuring reinforced toe caps and padding. These make them tougher and more comfortable to put on. Besides, they can help your shoes withstand wear quite well while guarding against the holes around the toes. And the EVA foam footbed plays a crucial part in absorbing any shock whenever you suddenly hit the pavement. 


  • EVA foam footbed
  • Good breathability
  • Effective shock absorption
  • Solid grip 


  • Not impressive arch support

As its name says, the shoe is a classic, but it comes in a great abundance of colors for you to select. You can freely pick one according to your clothing preferences. We recommend the Vans Old Skool to you since they stand for lightweight design, durability, and affordability.

Top 2: DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe

It seems that DC has successfully created another great version of the skate shoe. It’s not only durable but also comfy on the feet. DC Men’s Court Graffik shoe is made of leather to ensure the footwear fight against wear and tear for long. Among BMX riders, the shoes are quite popular not because of their little textile details. At first sight, they probably look like heavy footwear, but they’re light sneakers.

It’s all thanks to the lightweight materials used in them. With those, every rider can set his mind at ease that his feet feel flexible all the time. Better than thought, you can get full control over your pedals. Also, its tread pattern provides a good grip on the board, not to mention how the cushioned panels keep you safe from the intense impact. 


  • Made of leather material
  • Available in various colors 
  • Provides solid grip
  • Lightweight and comfy design


  • A bit slim for those with wide feet

There’s something undeniable about DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate shoe: it offers a plain yet unique trend. Feel free to slip on them to school or to work if you like. Apart from that, its superior level of comfort would be another bonus you shouldn’t ignore. Everyone will love wearing them without feeling exhausted. 

Top 3: Five Ten Women’s Freerider Bike Shoe

The shoe comes from the Five Ten brand, a leader in superb performance and high-friction footwear. The moment you try to slip your feet into these best BMX shoes, you will immediately feel the difference. How come? It would be superior comfort and safety at the same time. Due to the intricate combination of polyester mesh and leather materials, the shoes feel sturdy on the feet. 

Also, its outsole features a decent rubber that can help the riders control their bike pedals. If you go for all-purpose mountain footwear, then this bike shoe of Five Ten is the exact type for you. It’s a good performer with an effective power transfer and a great mixture of stiffness and comfort. According to the brand, the toebox featuring a Poron layer delivers more protection to the riders from any rock strike without causing any discomfort.


  • Lightweight design and good grip
  • Great power transfer
  • Highly durable 
  • Solid grip 


  • Not good breathability on hot days.

In general, this pair of high-friction shoes are exclusively designed based on offering high comfort to the rider’s foot. For those riding BMX bikes, the Five Ten Women’s Freerider Bike shoe delivers the proper amount of grip to enable you to make little adjustments on the pedals. You don’t need to lift your foot too much.

Top 4: Osiris Men’s Protocol Skate Shoe

The unique Osiris skate shoe impresses any elite rider not only because of its creative look with a big logo but also its durability. It can satisfy the highest standards of quality and function at the same time. Most of the materials used for the shoes are synthetic leather and suede. These go against abrasion and provide a solid grip over the pedals. They also feature a few reinforced parts to enhance the overall durability. 


  • Beautiful design 
  • Good for the price
  • Sturdy and fit any outfit
  • Feels easy on the feet


  • The tongue padding wears and tears with time.

If you wonder what’s special about the Osiris Protocol shoe, we would claim that this is lightweight footwear that offers high breathability. It finds no difficulty in keeping your foot fresh and energetic. It naturally suits your biking journey during the hot days as well. Also, this shoe owns a reinforced mesh upper and one padded tongue for your great comfort and breathability.

Top 5: Etnies Men’s Metal Mulisha Swivel Skate Shoe

Superior comfort that goes along with the unique style is what the Etnies Metal Mulisha Swivel wants to offer. Once putting them on the feet, you will feel the great quality performance it delivers. The footwear succeeds in providing the exact qualities of a sneaker that every rider looks for. Not only comfort, but the shoes also come with an amazing style at a friendly-budget price. 


  • Superior comfort and durability
  • Great style and good price
  • Perfect fit
  • Suitable to daily wear


  • Lack of extra arch support

These low-top skater sneakers now arrive in various colors and combinations. According to the brand, they get inspired by a few old-school sneakers and are nearly made of suede materials with a few details of the leather. The shoes feel awesome with high comfort and great fit. We can’t expect more than that, especially from a highly durable pair of Etnies. 

Top 6: eS Men’s Swift 1.5 Skate Shoe

The Swift 1.5 skate shoe gets loaded with a brilliant function and design. You will feel great comfort, heel support, and a board feel together with an outstanding sturdiness. With a delicate combination of a classic style with decent quality for any skating performance. Apart from that, its toe cap and STI molded energy form footbed are meant to deliver all-day comfort and support. 


  • Comfy and perfect fit
  • Lightweight and cozy weather shoes
  • Go well with many outfits
  • Stylish look


  • Tight in the toe area.

These low-top skating shoes are quite durable and can last longer without wear and tear. The upper of the footwear is made of a suede material while the panels and tongues are all mesh.

Why should you buy BMX shoes?

BMX stays in the simplest form of standing on the pedals and riding is an awesome sensation. But the whole experience relates to the stresses that arrive with doing stunts on the street and skate parks. And it also means that a classic biking shoe, which delivers the stiffness for pedaling experience is not suitable anymore. 

Instead of them, the BMX shoes are all about pedal feel to enhance your entire bike control while you’re still doing tricky performances. 

Who should buy BMX shoes?

Most BMX shoes are built for those who need lots of speed, energy, power, and workouts. And anyone who needs to increase his self-confidence and enhance the relationship between himself and his shoes should purchase those shoes. Now come to wear the best BMX shoes while riding to boost your power for longer than ever. 

Best BMX shoes FAQs 

  • How many types of BMX shoes are there? 

  • BMX shoes are separated into three types, including low-tops, mid-tops, and high-tops. The low-tops are alike to the normal footwear, and they come up with a height below the ankle. The mid-tops reach the height of your ankle and offer some protection against twisting. Meanwhile, the high-tops go above the ankle and deliver the greatest protection to the feet.
  • What to consider when choosing BMX shoes?

  • The most essential things to consider when picking out the best BMX shoes for riding your bike are the looks, comfort, and durability. Among these, durability is the key to selecting a great pair of sneakers since it delivers to you a valuable investment.
  • Is a BMX bike great for a long ride or not?

  • It’s fine to ride a BMX bike for a longer distance. But due to the aggressive frame geometry, you soon feel irritated.


Unlike traditional biking shoes, these best BMX shoes can help boost balance and offer confidence when the riders must perform board tricks on different surfaces. The above shoes would enable more powerful movement, comfort, and flexibility.

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